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Crochet Dress Mary -english

Crochet Dress Mary 

I would love to have a precious designer dress – of course in crochet! 

So I got the idea of this dress in shimmering viscose yarn with a length obove the knee (a length etiquette guide writer Knigge could agree with)

This instruction is for free. US crochet terms.

This is not an exact pattern, but a sketchy tutorial how I did it.

You must find out the exact number of stitches by yourself, according to yarn and tension.
After a few rows I always try on the dress to find out if it fits or if I have to increase or decrease to get the required size. Sometimes this migth be a little „trail-and-error-technique“.

Difficulty: intermediate to advanced

Material: Viscose yarn in grey, yardage 2000 m (400 gr), hook Nr 2-3

Yarn cakes with gradual color change can also be used. The ones with 3 threads are about as thick as my viscose yarn.

The dress is done seamlessly in rounds from top to bottom. Every round is closed by a slip stitch. We do not turn after each row.

1. make a chain (multiple of 4 so it fits for pattern 1) and close it to a round by making a slip stitch.
The chain must be as long as you need it for your neck line

Work in rounds, every round is closed by a slip stitch.

The photo shows an other dress I made in the same technique, but with different stitches.

First part from top to armhole done in rounds. Under the arm holes front and back middle in 2 rows (back and forth), then add chains on each side to get back to the full rounds.

Muster/pattern 1

Round 1 - dc

Round 2-7 Muster/pattern 1
(no increases or decreases needed, it will widen by using this pattern. I have only done the first part of the printed pattern. Width of the „collar“about 14 cm

Sorry for the bad quality, and I didn't manage to turn the pattern

Round 8 – dc, multiple of 3

Round 9 – back post dc (bpdc)

Round 10-11 – Muster/pattern 2
cross with 3 dc: for the first dc skip 2 stitches and go into the 3rd stitch, the second dc goes into the stitch before the dc just made, the 3rd dc goes into the stitch that lies before the 2nd dc just done.

Round 12 - dc

Reihe 13 - bpdc

Now we do the armholes, the sleeves will be joined there later.

These are the 2 rows that are done back and forth in the middle of the front and back, omitting the stitches of the arm hole. Do the first 2 rows shown in Muster/pattern 3. In the back row join the front and back by doing the chains under the arms (pattern says about 15 ch, but make sure to try it on and adjust the stitches to a multiple of 6 to make them fit for Muster/pattern 3), close with slip stitch, turn again and continue in rounds as for the beginning.

Muster/pattern 3

Round 14-27 -Muster/pattern 3

now you should be at the waistline, if not, adjust the number of rounds

Muster/pattern 3

Round 28 -Muster/pattern 4 (After this round, optional ruffles can be added)

Round 29 -dc, maybe increase to get to the width of the hips, multiple of 3

Round 30-31 -Muster 2
cross 3dc as before in round 10 and 11

Round 32 – dc, next possibility to try it on and adjust the width

Round 33 - bpdc

Round 34-37 -Muster/pattern 5 (I did not do the middle round with the crossed stitches, so only the 2 first and last rounds make my Muster/pattern 5

Muster 5

Round 38 - dc

Round 39 - bpdc

----- From here, repeat the following patterns (round 40-51) until you have the required length. -----

Round 40-45 -Muster/pattern 6

Round 46 - dc

Round 47 - bpdc

Round 48-49 – Muster/pattern 2
cross with 3dc as done before

Round 50- dc

Round 51 - bpdc


Finishing with Muster/pattern 7 as border ( I have done it until the row with the 3dc together and then added a round of sc.


Round 1-2  Muster/pattern 2

Round 3  Muster/pattern 4 (decrease as much as you need, don't forget to try it on)

Round 4-5 Muster/pattern 2

Again Muster/pattern 7
this time only the last 3 rounds.

I wish you a lot of fun with the pattern!

Translated by Andrea Herter (Thank you so much Andrea!)

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